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Everyone loves to save money! That is why The Net Patriot has discount prices on domains and beautiful websites that you can build yourself to plant your flag on the WWW! Our lowest price might not be for all domain names…we won’t lie to ya!

Best part is…you don’t have to buy 2 years for a discount…we won’t stop ya if you want to though.

Take a look and see if we have the lowest price on our domain names!…..might not, but we try!

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We don’t promise to have the lowest price on our domains or websites, but we promise that our discounts when added up save you cash!

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Don’t live in the US? That doesn’t matter! Buy our discount international domains that we also lower the prices on!

The Net Patriot literally has domains from all over the world!  All at a discount!

You may also transfer your domain to get more low price products and hosting!

Curious about how to use your discount domain with our hosting?

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We are here to help you get the most out of your products that we have ready to help you succeed!. All of this will result in beautiful site! Our goal together is to keep your business running!

FAQ’s for our discounts?

Hopefully we cover them here!

  • When I buy discount domains are they truly mine? – YES
  • Can I transfer my domain to The Net Patriot and receive discounts? – YES (This is subject to Icann rules and the amount of time that you have owned the domain. You would have to pay a nominal transfer fee and then you would have the price that the registrar lists the domain.
  • Can I park my domain with The Net Patriot – YES
  • What happens when it comes time to renew my domain with The Net Patriot- Domains are extremely low maintenance for registrars so we do not raise the price unless there is a change in tax structure or Icann regulations.

Drop us a line and we will beat any discount out there on a domain name!

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