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Landing Page Tips

Landing Page Tips | How to build the best landing page!

A landing page is the first page a visitor sees on a website. When you set up your Facebook ad or AdWords campaign or share that Instagram post, your landing page is the first point of contact after your marketing piece. So, every business could benefit from a few landing page tips. The challenge is that when visitors arrive at your landing page, you have… Read More »Landing Page Tips | How to build the best landing page!

Checklist: 5 ways to get more local customers

f you’re someone who sells to local customers — such as a coffee shop owner, dog walker, or beautician — there are a few easy ways to get more work. Most are simple — some are even free. How to get more local customers These five strategies can help your business attract more customers in your geographic area: Get listed online. Review your website. Get… Read More »Checklist: 5 ways to get more local customers

Wordpress accessibility and ADA

WordPress Accessibility! Get it Right from day 1!

In this day and age, it’s imperative web professionals like designers and developers ensure the websites they create are accessible. For the uninitiated, this basically means doing everything within your power to ensure the broadest spectrum of global internet users can enjoy whatever your client’s website has to offer. Many of us have the luck and privilege of never needing to consider the accessibility of the websites… Read More »WordPress Accessibility! Get it Right from day 1!

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The Best WordPress Security Plugins

If you have a WordPress website for your small business, and you haven’t already learned about security and security plugins, your time is now. This is an essential part of maintaining your website. In this post, in addition to looking at some of the best WordPress security plugins, you’ll learn why you need them, and some of the features you will want to look for… Read More »The Best WordPress Security Plugins

free woocommerce extensions for new ecommerce sites

How to Boost Holiday Sales in 2020

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may already be starting to set out a plan to boost your holiday sales. Ecommerce is going to lead the way this year, as the pandemic continues to drive a boost in online shopping.In fact, ecommerce sales from April to May have already exceeded sales during the 2019 holiday season by 7%. With a record-breaking online holiday season expected in… Read More »How to Boost Holiday Sales in 2020

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eCommerce trends during Covid-19

As COVID-19 leaves us scrambling to piece together a new normal, in-person shopping is becoming less of a reliable source of revenue for merchants and service providers. That is why having a strong presence online is more important than ever. With people staying home and shopping online a savvy business person should recognize some important eCommerce trends during Covid-19 and the new normal. Indeed, recent data… Read More »eCommerce trends during Covid-19