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How do I buy a .net domain?

Looking to buy a .net domain name? You’ve come to the right place! Verisign, the registry authorized to operate the .net domain, has accredited The Net Patriot to provide domain registration services for .net domains.

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Bring your idea to life with a .net domain.

If you want your business, product or idea to stand out on the web, start with the right domain extension. Dot net gives you greater freedom to explore names you want and adds the credibility that comes from being one of the world’s first top-level domains (TLD). When you register .net, it gives you the freedom to:

  • Be confident. As one of the first domains, it comes with established credibility that only comes with experience. Buy  .net and join a smart, ambitious group who’s ready to change the game.
  • Be different. Your business is unique. Your domain should be, too. With a .net, you can build a brand that reflects your individuality.
  • Be recognizable. While .net is one of the most popular on the web, there are still millions of names available — so you can get the domain you really want.

In the world of cheap domains, .net isn’t the most flashy or specialized. It’s all about business. Where some TLDs create an identity that demands attention, dot net is the quiet but confident one in the room. It shows you’re a professional who knows the next move.

Get one of the first domains.

It was back in 1985 when .net came into existence. The internet at the time had been using complex strings of numbers to designate website addresses and .net, along with the six other original extensions (.com, .org, .int, .edu, .gov and .mil), aimed to create an easier experience. Originally, the domain was supposed to be for folks involved with network technologies — like ISPs and data centers — but it’s wide open to anyone who wants to register it.

Today, it’s the fifth most-popular extension out there — but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a .net domain name you love. That’s because it strikes the right balance between popularity and availability. Everyone immediately recognizes this tld, but there are still enough left that you have a good chance of buying your perfect domain.

Spotlight your innovation.

Since it launched, this domain associated itself with innovative online businesses. When people look for a savvy tech provider, this domain is a trusted and credible name your customers can find quickly and easily. Don’t waste time explaining how you live and breathe technology. Get right to the point and let people know you’re the go-to with a .net domain extension.

Don’t let it escape.

The number of people that register this domain have increased ten times over nearly two decades following 2000, from about 1.5 million to more than 15 million. A lot of people rely on this known extension, making it an immediately recognizable choice when you’re establish your online presence. Best of all, the vast majority of shorter  names have yet to be registered, so you can still score something awesome. Grab your cheap .net domain today, before someone else does.

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How do I transfer a .net domain?

Transferring your .net domain name can be a fast and easy process. Prepare your domain name for transfer by disabling any whois privacy or transfer locks on your domain name. You may have an authorization code (EPP code)–keep it handy. Visit our Domain Transfer page, and enter your domain and authorization code. Pay for your transfer request which includes an additional year(s) renewal, and follow any instructions sent to your email address.

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