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Do it Yourself Websites

Best Do It Yourself Websites Design and Hosting for Business and Family

Do It Yourself Websites gives you world class design at the tip of your finger. Use The Net Patriot’s best do it yourself website design and hosting products to get online fast!

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Award-Winning Web Designs – DIY Websites Add Your Touch

Choose from an unrivaled set of best-in-class website templates. Customize the design to fit your personal style and professional needs.

First Step – Find your domain!

Second Step – Choose your DIY Website Builder

Easy Website Creator

Easy Website Creator lets you build and share your dream online with free website hosting and a discount domain name.

Responsive mobile design

Website hosting

Rapid Page-Load performance

Create a blog

Security (SSL)

24/7 support

Don’t forget your discount domain name to go with your website creator!

$6.00 / per month

Business Website Builder

The Business Website Builder from The Net Patriot is the perfect tool to start a small business website or non-profit website.  Perfect start with our discount domain names.

Responsive mobile design

Website hosting

Rapid Page-Load performance

Create a blog

Security (SSL)

24/7 support

PayPal Buy Now or Donate button

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Don’t forget to find your perfect domain!

$8.00 / per month

Best Business Website Builder

The Best Business Website Builder by The Net Patriot let’s you get your online store or small craft shop online fast

Build your own website and get all the bells and whistles you get a global presence

Responsive mobile design

Website hosting

Rapid Page-Load performance

Security (SSL)

24/7 support

PayPal Express or Donate button

Automatic Shipping Calculataion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Integration

Share content to Facebook

Online Appointments

Don’t forget to find your perfect domain!

Discount Domains

$12.00 / per month

How to start designing

  1. Choose from one of The Net Patriot’s best-in-class website templates.
  2. Use our dashboard to customize pages, menus, and navigation.
  3. Change fonts, imagery, and margins with the built-in style kit.
  4. Preview your responsive web design on mobile devices.
  5. Add a custom domain to your to make it yours.


Present your work using Squarespace’s professional portfolio designs. Display projects in customizable galleries and add password-protected pages to share private work with clients.CREATE A PORTFOLIO

Blogging Tools

Take advantage of our powerful blogging tools to share your story, post company news, or announce a product release. Categorize, share, and schedule your posts to make your content work for you.CREATE A BLOG

“You get a premium look on your website without struggling to create it.”

SEO Tools

Get found in search by more people, more often. Our all-in-one platform takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization for your website.


Learn where your website traffic is coming from, what your visitors are looking for, and how they’re interacting with your content or products through our in-depth Analytics tools.

Audience Insights: Learn about website visitors, including geographical locations and site paths.

Popular Content: Find out which pages your visitors are engaging with the most.

Top Products: View your best-selling products by revenue and units sold.

Apps & Tools

Integrate your social media and business listings with your The Net Patriot dashboard and access the tools you use, all in one place.

do it yourself websites laptop

Design away! Have fun and be creative! What are you waiting for?

Here are the steps to take to start your do it yourself website

If at anytime during your build you have questions please contact our web professionals to guide you through!

Either call The Net Patriot at 314-620-6943 or schedule a time that works best for you!

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