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Find the value through easy domain mining practices!

While mining for precious stones, there are undeniable tools a miner would need to be successful. First, knowing where to mine and where the stones were located on their property would be the most ideal starting points. You can spend time digging where your gut tells you or you can have the land field tested letting you know where the best deposits are and where the returns for your time would be best spent. As we are not pioneers but miners, our land most likely has been either picked over or left behind as mining has been going on for a long time making the finds fewer and farther between.

Domain Mining 101

Trying your panning skills now and search for a domain. Remember…buy cheap when mining!

When you are hand registering domains for investment as the main source of inventory, you are throwing caution to the wind and speculating on the spot to dig. You can find the gems as we all know, they do exist but odds are stacked against us. You can spend years digging down in one spot only to hit a few nuggets but soon realize you have spent a lot to get here and may need to start over to really see returns. This can be especially frustrating and disheartening to the hundreds that enter into the Domain mining industry.

When I speak with my clients about the expired auctions online, I am really trying to emphasize the importance of these domains and, in essence, showing clients the best place to mine for gems. The digging has been done for you and now you have the ability to sift through aged and valued domains before they reenter the Registry to be added back to the dirt pile. The domains do also offer traffic history that could make any potential buyer coming to you that much more interested in meeting your asking price as there is added inherent value on top of just the keywords.

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