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How to start a business! Easy Checklist!

Congratulations on preparing to move forward with your big idea! This is an exciting time. As you move through your “how to start a business” to-do list, you’ll find that you may never be busier than during this startup period. After you evaluate your business idea, research the market and your potential customer base, and determine startup costs, you’ll be ready to take on the… Read More »How to start a business! Easy Checklist!

Guide to TikTok marketing for small business

The one constant you can count on with social media is that it’s always changing. Just when you think one platform has managed to monopolize the space, another comes along and the landscape shifts. Right now, TikTok is emerging as one of the most popular and powerful social media platforms on the planet. While young Gen Zers were once the main TikTok influencer marketing and… Read More »Guide to TikTok marketing for small business

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eCommerce trends during Covid-19

As COVID-19 leaves us scrambling to piece together a new normal, in-person shopping is becoming less of a reliable source of revenue for merchants and service providers. That is why having a strong presence online is more important than ever. With people staying home and shopping online a savvy business person should recognize some important eCommerce trends during Covid-19 and the new normal. Indeed, recent data… Read More »eCommerce trends during Covid-19

who to follow on twitter

Who to follow on Twitter

Did you know that figuring out who to follow on Twitter can boost your own business’s following on the social media platform? It’s true. And this guide will show you how to grow your social media presence and build a larger Twitter following by actively finding and engaging with other accounts.The first thing to understand is that Twitter is an ecosystem. Brand accounts form symbiotic… Read More »Who to follow on Twitter

How to communicate with customer your businesses covid-19 safety precaustions

How to communicate with customers your Covid-19 safety precautions

As a small business owner, you likely had to change several aspects of your operations because of COVID-19 safety at you business. From protecting your employees to enforcing social distancing, 2020 has been a learning curve for everyone. As your customers return to your business, they may not know about the new policies you have implemented recently. This is why you need to effectively communicate with customers… Read More »How to communicate with customers your Covid-19 safety precautions

what are nTLDs and how do they effect SEO

What are nTLDs and how do they impact seo

Choosing a website domain is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business. The full website name you pick will be crucial as you attempt to build name recognition and empower people to find your company online, and that’s a solid reason to look at additional top-level domains (nTLDs). Most companies opt for a .com domain. It’s the most widely used, and according to a 2019 study… Read More »What are nTLDs and how do they impact seo