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Social Media Management

Protect your online reputation with Social Media Management by The Net Patriot

Social without the stress.

Engage with you customers like never before with your own social media manager in The Net Patriot’s Social Media Management Team! You have never had better a better reputation on social media sites like Google MyBusiness, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Profile, and many more managed in one space before at a low price that The Net Patriot provides. Your social media manager will be your personal social media influencer and take your social media marketing to an entire new level!

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Save money on Social Media Marketing by choosing The Net Patriot

When you choose a company to manage your business and protect your reputation online you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get noticed! You also want a social media management team that is responsive and an advocate for your business by personalizing posts and integrating website tools to make everything look like one!

Our customers save on average over 175 dollars over Thryve a month and have access to the same tools, but we personalize the experience because your business does not need generic updates!

Managing your online presence is a full-time job.

Daily posts. Reviews. Online customer service. There’s a lot to handle when it comes to your online presence. Fortunately, there’s The Net Patriot’s Social Media Marketing that put a new definition to managing your online reputation.

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Protect Your Reputation

How It Works

Every project has to start somewhere, and with The Net Patriot’s Social Media Management, it begins with an introduction to your very own account manager. They’re your point of contact, and in charge of assembling a team of savvy writers, designers and specialists, ready to get to work on your behalf.

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We start by studying, creating and building.

First, our social media marketing and management team learn your business inside and out. Then we create a customized brand kit that shows you just how we’ll represent you online. Once your voice and brand are established, we design a 90-day action plan, so you know exactly what to expect from day one.

Next up is polishing your online presence.

With a plan in place, your social media manager sets you up on all the social media sites your customers use day to day, such as Facebook, Yelp and Twitter. We update your photos and even design customized logos to keep your business looking fresh and current.

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create content for social media management and reputation

We get to work building loyalty and creating content.

Creating a voice and tone takes skill and time, both of which your writer has on hand. They’ll not only write your posts, emails and tweets, they’ll monitor engagement to determine what works and what doesn’t. By putting out a variety of content throughout the week, they keep you at the forefront of your follower’s minds and drive customers to your doorstep.

We’re keeping your reputation clean 24/7.

We check sites like Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor to ensure all incoming reviews are answered swiftly and authentically. By working hard to defend your business against unfair criticism, we can earn second chances with tough one-star reviewers and ensure that even glowing reviews are met with the appreciation they deserve.

Social Media Platforms included in The Net Patriot Management

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All of this and more when you include youchoose to have your online presence managed in a low cost website hosted through The Net Patriot. Throw away the big bill and spend that money on other projects. Trust The Net Patriot to build, manage, and protect your online presence!